"Life Is Always Precious, but I'll be willing to kill only if I have to, and you're pushing it." Daniel says to someone.

Benji aims at two armed survivors in the woods with TJ and Kent behind him.

"We must not give up!!!" Sterling yells at the other survivors.

A vehicle drives into some of the zombies, and starts to kill off most of the zombies. "Get to safety! Now!!!" Nathan yells at the survivors.

"I'm the leader now, and I expect everyone to grow the hell up now!!!" Daniel yells at the survivors.

A masked man with an eyepatch stares at the community.

"We should show them our safe-zone." Greg says to Carson.

Lia stares at Nathan, who inspects some of the weapons. "Leave our community alone, and leave!!!" Lia yells at Nathan. "We're here to tell you to join my friend's safe-zone." Nathan says to Lia.

Daniel cries as he looks at a family photo.

"No Mercy For The Enemies of ours!!!" Leon yells at the others.

Sally looks as she's tied to a tree while TJ, Benji, and Kent are gone. "Help!!!"

Six survivors stares at Sally, and smiles at her. "We're The Hunters! Fear us and surrender! We'll kill your group for our own benefit." The leader of The Hunters says to Sally.

Kent hugs his family as Sally's kids realizes that she's missing. "Where's our mom? Tell me!!!" Michael yells at the three just as Billy and Vince returns. "We were ambushed." TJ says to Michael.

Nathan looks at the blood on his hands as he stands over several dead bodies. "Why me!!!" Nathan yells at himself before crying.

Nathan arrives at a sign, saying the "Reed Safe-Zone", and continues his journey to his new destination.

Daniel looks as him and the rest of the group moves on towards to Reed Safe-Zone. "This better not be a false hope." Dwight says to Carson. "False hope? I felt that as I watched my family die to those fucking zombies." Nathan says to Dwight.

Daniel, Sterling, TJ, and Angela aims their rifles at The Hunters. "After what you've done to Sally, you all deserve death!!!" Daniel yells at The Hunters.

Daniel is tackled by Leon as they fight over a gun within a house, and a gunshot is heard.

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