Hello Everyone. This is TWDFan630 aka Nathan. I've had this thought for a while. I've figured this out. Who should actually run this wiki? I guess some people wants my leadership to be terminated. I'm starting to lean towards having the wikia system run this wiki, since I guess that I'm not good enough. Even though my right-hand man, JustSomeGuy23, says otherwise, but I want this blog to be for the people's decision on who should agree run this wiki. Recently, 3 admins has joined UFSW, and I hope that no more joins them. I would show their names, but to avoid some more bs, I won't show them, but you'd probably know already. We're here for stories, and when assholes from UFSW talk shit behind my back. Hell No! I've been furious on why they started shit with me. I'm a real man, and UFSW has lying sacks of shit there with people that was lured there. Abir once joined them, but luckly he left. Sadly, he left here also. 


Only Myself will be mainly running this wiki due to the poll. I'd like to say thank you to the voters, and everyone have a great day.

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