Hello Everyone. This is Nathan, and I'm here with a huge update to tell everyone. I'm confirming that August 1 of this year, which marks 2 years since this wiki was created, that staff members will be available only if you ask me, and if you qualify. In order to qualify for any, you must be a member of this wiki for 18 months, have at least 2000 edits, and must not have been banned within 12 months. No one will gain bureaucrat role ever again to avoid bullshit. This wiki will not be against any other wikis, even if they're against here. I'm telling everyone that I have no more beef(problems) with the Walking Dead Wiki and Undead Fan Stories Wiki(UFSW), since they're proven to be doing what it takes to protect their policies, and I went against their policies. I'm issuing a new rule for everyone to follow; Equality. You fuck up once, you get banned for 3 months at most. You fuck up twice or more, you get banned for 6 months at most. Sockpuppet will have an indefinite ban no matter what. If you're under 13, you'll be banned until you're thirteen. Simple as that.





Nathan Joseph DeVries (Born June 30, 1998 in Muskegon, Michigan 49442)

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