Name Vanellope
Gender Female
Faction/Group Mordecai's group
Family Ed (father), Diana (mother)
First Appearance A New Day
Last Appearance N/A
Status Alive
Death N/A

Vanellope is the deuteragonist of The Regular Dead. She is an eight year old girl who was found hiding in her treehouse by Mordecai after her parents had went on vacation to Savannah.


Vanellope's personality is very upbeat and comical. She has a tendency to say wise crack remarks to certain characters, such as calling Mordecai names like "stinkbrain" or "a wimp". Vanellope is not at all mean. She just likes to joke around with people and get a rise out of them. Deep down, Vanellope is a very kind hearted and polite girl.


Almost nothing is known about Vanellope's life prior to the outbreak, except that she was an average child who lives with her parents and every once in awhile, she's left with a babysitter. She also attended school, where she was served awful school lunches by the lunch ladies. Before the apocalypse began, Vanellope's parents left to go on vacation to Savannah, and was put under the care of her babysitter.


A New Day

Mordecai had originally discovered Vanellope as a silhouette in the distance, where he called for help. She ended up turning around and went back to her treehouse where she hid for safety from any walkers or strangers. Later on, Mordecai arrives in her yard, hoping to find somebody to help him.

After listening to the answering machine, Vanellope spoke into her walkie-talkie, thinking that her father had come home, only to find out that Mordecai was in the house. At first, she responded to him by calling him a wimp, and other names. After the brief conversation, Vanellope warns Mordecai that a walker is behind him. She eventually runs into her house with a hammer, which Mordecai takes and uses to dispatch the walker attacking him.

Vanellope seems disappointed to figure out that her parents haven't returned yet, and Mordecai promises her that he'll look after her until her parents are found. She asks Mordecai what the next course of action is, which he decides that leaving the house during the day is the best option at safety. Vanellope accepts this plan and leaves her house with Mordecai by her side.

After leaving the house, Mordecai and Vanellope establish a friendship and then head out into the streets and find two men trying to push a car out of their path. Mordecai speaks up to them and reassures them that he isn't going to hurt them. The two men introduce themselves as Felix and Steve, and with Mordecai and Vanellope's added strength, they managed to push the wrecked car out of the way and they fled just in time. 

Later that same evening, Mordecai, and his new friends arrive at Felix's home, where he and his brother Ralph live. Steve departs, and then Ralph comes out of the house, welcoming Mordecai and Vanellope with open arms. Ralph fixes Mordecai's leg while questioning him about his injury and how he made it this far with just Vanellope. Felix speaks up and informs Ralph that the fences need to be fixed, to which Ralph agrees on. After when Ralph and Felix head to bed, Vanellope takes a minute outside, which worries Mordecai. He asks her what is wrong, and she reveals that she misses her parents, and then asks how far away Savannah is, to which Mordecai replies that it's pretty far. Vanellope is saddened of this and then the two head into the house. 

The next morning, Vanellope and Mordecai are awoken by Rigby. Her, Mordecai, Rigby, and Rancis go outside, where the others are. Vanellope is briefly seen shooting the breeze with Eileen, while Mordecai approaches Rigby.

After Felix's death, Ralph kicks out Vanellope and the others from his property with Macon being their next destination.

Starved For Help

Vanellope appears in this episode.


  • Vanellope takes on the role as Clementine from The Walking Dead game.
  • Unlike Clementine, who's personality is more of an innocent and scared little girl, Vanellope's personality is more sassy and eccentric, and doesn't seem too fazed by the outbreak.
  • Out of all the characters in this story, Vanellope's character is the most out of character of who she really is in Wreck-It Ralph.
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