Edd Campman was watching the news as he saw a text from his diabetic brother Tyson

Edd: I wonder why he texted....he usually don't talk with me.

News: Breaking news!,most of the citizens are at the local hospital after getting bitten by other citizens.

Interviewee 1: I was walking at the street as a guy came over to me and just bit me in the arm!

News: well,the army or police didn't gave any answeres yet but-"

the power went off as Tyson broke the door.

Edd: Tyson what the hell?

Tyson: no time!,grab supplies and come with me!,i will explain on the way

Edd: they way where

Tyson: I said no time!

Edd took insulin,energy bars and a bottle of water and came outside with Tyson

Tyson drove with Edd in his car.

Edd: Can you explain to me why did you brake into my apartment?

Tyson: did you see the local news?

Edd: yeah I did..why?

Tyson: Its bullsh*t....these biters are zombies and not pepole.

Edd: Bad joke.

Tyson: If i were joking why would i breake into your house and tell you to bring supplies?

Edd: yes,thats who you are,you are a son of a-"

as Edd started insulting Tyson,Tyson stoped the car and Edd saw the horror

Edd: these are...real..zombies!

Tyson: told lets drive the the grocery store.

As they went into the grocery store a guy was aiming a them with a shotgun.

Man: thats far enough.

Edd: please,we just need some supplies,my brother is diabetic.

Tyson: And im fine with that,but we need supplies to survive...we don't have enough to survive more that a day and our litle medicene can help you.

Man: fine come in...Im Travis by the way.

Tyson: Im Tyson and thats my brother Edd.

Edd: I can say may name myself.

Tyson: I...dont care.

Travis: this is Jack,he came here for the football season and his bus got trapped so i saved him.

Jack: sup?

Gourd 1: Hey Travis,I see you brought newcomers,Im Walter.

Edd: im Edd.

Tyson: im Tyson.

Woman: look at the sky Tyler.

Tyler: they stars are pretty.

Walter: Hey Jenny its time for Tyler to sleep right?

Jenny: yeah thanks Walter.

Travis: well and here is our supplie room

The supplie room was with almost no supplies

Travis: DAMMIT! someone stole most of our supplies


  • Edd
  • Tyson
  • Travis
  • Jack
  • Walter
  • Jenny
  • Tyler

First Appearance

  • Edd
  • Tyson
  • Travis
  • Jack
  • Walter
  • Jenny
  • Tyler


  • None

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