Travis: you sick son of a-

Tyson shot Duncan in the head.

Tyson: do you have a doctor?

Walter: yeah,we do.

Edd: well..then lets take her to him.

Travis,Edd,Tyson and Tyler waited for an answer from the group's doctor Salim

As Salim came out Travis asked him:

Travis: how is she doc?

Salim: she didn't make it.

Tyler started crying

Edd: everything is going to be fine kid

Tyler: no,its not.

Travis: f*ck!

Travis came out of the grocery store and Tyson and Edd after him

Edd: where are you going?

Travis: to take back the supplies and get revenge.

Jack: well atleast let us come with you.

Jack said while gourding the place.

Travis: fine.

The group saw the empty place with all of the supplies in the building

Tyson: they didn't took anything.

Jack: like they just disappeard.

Edd: weird.

when the group came back the saw Walter and Nick taking a couch and Carter with the tool box

Walter: You are back!

Tyson: we went for like twenty minutes.

Nick: after Duncan killed Jenny we thought that a fence is a great idea.

Tyson: It is.

Walter: yeah well,there is a table over there...can you take it here?

Edd: Sure


  • Duncan
  • Jenny


  • Edd
  • Tyson
  • Travis
  • Duncan
  • Jenny (Corpse)
  • Tyler
  • Salim
  • Walter
  • Jack
  • Nick
  • Carter (No Lines)

First Appearance Of

  • Salim

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