Tyler was looking at his mom's grave as Edd went to talk with him

Edd: lets go sports.

Tyler: okay.

when they came back to the store they saw Jack and Nick working on the wall

Walter came screaming from the back of the store

Walter: a herd of zombies,they are here!

Zombies came out of nowhere and tried to eat tyler as Carter shot him

A Crawler grabbed Salim and walkers came and ate him


Travis: No!


A zombie came out of nowhere and bit Nick in the shoulder.


Zombies ate him

Tyson: we already lost too many! lets go

Edd: Tyler,we have to go.

Tyler: okay.

A zombie almost got Travis as Jack saved him

Travis: thanks.

Jack: we need to watch the each other,we are a tea-

Zombies broke the wall and ate Jack

The rest of the group escaped

The group saw a couple of shadows.

Man 1: Hi,im Raymond and thats my group

Man 2: Im Gavin and thats Tom and Yumiko.

Tom: Hi

Gavin: whats wrong with the kid?

Tyson pulled Tyler's sleeves and saw the bite.

Travis: DAMMIT!


  • Edd
  • Tyson
  • Tyler
  • Walter
  • Travis
  • Salim
  • Nick
  • Carter
  • Jack
  • Raymond
  • Gavin
  • Tom
  • Yumiko (No Lines)


  • Nick
  • Salim
  • Jack

First Appearance of

  • Raymond
  • Gavin
  • Tom
  • Yumiko

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