Stories and their properties

Story Titles

Examples: Traveling with Hope, Wishes Of The End, etc.


  • Adding (Zombie Story) with the title.
  • Copying real games and series like Walking Dead and Dead Rising(except if it fanmade).
  • Cursing words in Title.
  • Spammed or copycatted story titles of another person's story.

Issue Statings

Examples: The Undead/Issue 2, Limited Skills:Episode 1, etc.


  • Pilot, New Faces, Murderer Within, etc.
  • The Undead(Issue 45), Issue 3 - The Survival Challenge, etc.

Character Page Statings

Examples: Danger/Characters, Freedom At Last:Characters


  • Ultimate Chances - Characters, The Living(Characters), etc.

Survivor Statings

Examples:John Doe (DOTD), Survivor 16 (LOTD2), David/The Living (Telling Tales Of My Life)


  • Unnamed Survivor 2 (TF), Jake (Fallen Fellow)*, Danger Of The Dead - Hughes Luco, Trevor - DOTD, etc.
    • Any person that has no last must have a (Example Name/Group Name) behind it.

Advertising about another Wiki

If you were to want to advertise about another wiki, go ahead. If the wiki is a bad wiki, then I'd advise you to not do so. YoungAnarchy Wiki and others like it aren't allowed to be advertised or else they'll be banned. In order to advertise, go on the forums, and advertise via thread. If you try to advertise any wiki and make attempts to defame this wiki, the ban will be a 10-year ban, and if it is commuted or the entire ban is served, then it'll be a perma-ban.

Wikis That Are Allowed To Be Advertised

  • Survivalist Game Wiki
  • Walking Dead Wiki
  • Survivor Fanon
  • Dead Rising Wiki
  • Koei Wiki
  • Koei Fanon
  • Last Of Us Wiki
  • Five Nights at Freddy's Wiki
  • Undead Fan Stories Wiki
  • General Hospital Wiki
  • Z Nation Wiki
  • Walking Dead Fanon Wiki
  • Dead Rising Fan Stories Wiki
  • And Many Others(If you're not sure on if a certain wiki is allowed to be advertised on here, ask the founder)

Staff Registration Requirements


Bolded positions requires constant activity for at least 2 months and at least 9 months of being a user on this wiki. Bolded and italicized positions requires constant activity for at least 9 months and at least 18 months(1.5 Years) of being a user on this wiki. Constant Activity Credits counts if the edits are in good faith and are productive towards this wiki. Any of the Bureaucrats can decide in their opinion to promote someone to any of the positions if they feel that they fit that job even if they don't meet the requirements.

  • Chat Mod (Have at least 200 edits)
  • Discussions Moderators (Have at least 500 edits)
  • Rollbacks (Have at least 750 edits)
  • Content Moderators/Janitors (Have at least 1350 edits)
  • Administrators (Have at least 2000 edits)
  • Bureaucrats (Have at least 20000 edits)

Wiki Contributors

All contributions on this wiki must require an account to record information easier, and to easily determine who broke this wiki's rules or not.


Just follow the regular rules like this wiki. No Spoilers, etc, allowed.

Issues With Bad Users

Don't try anything that's against the rules. If you break a rule, and you've had enough warnings, then you'll be banned for a certain amount of time that's determined by this wiki's staff.


All wikia members that comes and makes an edit will be a permanent registered member. If a user does not want to be on the list, they will receive a 1 year ban due to the ignorance in the offer.

  • The wiki is meant to be more of a community or "family" than just simple acquaintances.
  • Don't do it, and you'll be fine.
  • The ban summary will list "Illegal Intruder."

Outside Interference

If any members begins to harass or severely question a banned user from here outside of this wiki, they will receive a 1 week ban for every harassing or questioning comment transmitted. If any members from another wiki harasses or severely questions a member from this wiki that they're banned from their wiki will receive a 6 month ban and will be reported to Wikia within 24 hours of the latest event in the situation.

  • If the offense goes against a staff member on this wiki, they'll be demoted permanently, and will be banned for 48 hours.

Story Limits

Why is there a limit?

It's to avoid confusion for the readers and newcomers about which story is which. The limit is 4 active stories, not including upcoming, paused, scrapped, and finished stories.

Offenses if ignored

The extra story or stories will be deleted.


  • 1st - Warning
  • 2nd - 2 hour ban
  • 3rd - 1 day ban
  • 4th - 2 week ban
  • 5th+ - 3 month ban

Chat Mods, Moderators, and Rollbacks

  • 1st - Warning, 2 week demotion
  • 2nd to 4th - 1 hour ban, 1 month demotion
  • 5th - 6 month ban, Perma-demotion

Admins and Bureaucrats

  • 1st - 1 month ban, 6 month-demotion
  • 2nd - 2 month ban
    • At this point, perma-demotion
  • 3rd- 1 year ban
  • 4th - 5 year ban
  • 5th+ - 10 year ban

Why is it tougher on Admins and Bureaucrats?

They should be mature enough to follow the guidelines. If they mess up, they have to deal with the consequences for their mistakes they made.

What is the limit?

The official limit is 4.

"Why not 5?"

This is an exception. Projects and TV/Fan Counterparted Stories doesn't count as an official story, but there could be one.

Survivor Squad

It's a small group for anyone who wants to be a part of it. It's a great way to know who's willing to be in a group or not.


There tends to be 1 to 2 per year unless if none is present during any year.


If you want to help another user with a story or characters, commissions is a very useful way to do so.

How To Make A Story?

Just in case if you don't know how to make a story, here's three pictures on the process of making a story.

Issues With Racism, Homophobia, Transphobia, and Sexism

If you're a racist or a homophobic or a transphobic or a sexist, then deal with it. If you use any intimidating or offensive slurs that are racist or homophobic or transphobic or sexist, then you'll be perma-banned.

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